How to use IPTV over wireless


When TPG introduced this service, they also published a F.A.Q on their web site which states “Currently, the TPG IPTV service can not be transmitted via a wireless connection - if you have a modem/router with wireless capabilities you must connect directly via the Ethernet port rather than a wireless connection. This limitation is being addressed in later versions of this service.”

The explanation for this limitation has more to do with the wireless hardware than TPG’s fault.

When someone is watching IPTV, IGMP/UDP packets start coming in the 0/35 PVC. The modem just dumps these on the LAN, and the client displays the content. Unlike you usual content made of TCP or UDP packets, IPTV stream is made of multicast packets. Those packets are distributed to all machines on the LAN, not just the one watching the program.

What usually happens when IPTV is being watched, browsing on wireless clients locks up.

IPTV (multicast) packets are entering the LAN from TPG at a fast rate. With the wireless access point being usually bridged, the multicast packets start flooding the wireless network rendering the wireless network useless.

What we need to do is set the speed at which the multicast packets are sent on the wireless link.

Now, not all wireless access points have that feature.

If they do, there will be a setting called Multicast Rate. Set it to at least 9Mbit/s. Your mileage may vary. Try it up

Some people have reported that changing their wireless access point to transmit in 802.11g only, sets the multicast rate to 6Mbit/s. In combined 802.11b/g the default multicast rate is 2mbit/s which isn’t enough.

However, this not the case with all access points and they don’t always behave the same way.

Please check the AP List page for a list of access points known to work or not work.

See below on how to set the the various Apple Airports and Linksys WRT54G.

Airport: Go into the Wireless Tab, then click on Wireless Option

Airport Extreme (round shape 802.11g) or Airport Express:

Airport Extreme (802.11N version)

Linksys WRT54G with 3rd party firmware Tomato (download it from here):

Enjoy watching IPTV over the air !