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I have had some time ; and I decided that I should do a bit more work on my mythtv and other media related site ; especially as it has received a fair amount of visitors in the past month.

I have been rather surprised by the amount of people who visited my site (over 1500 last week, and over 7500 visitors in the past 30 days)...

Update 14/05/2009: the site now average 1480 visits a day, last month there were 11,900 unique visitors, 234,555 pages seen, 515,428 hits and 159.58GiB downloaded!

So I guess that putting so much time in MythTV at the risk of destroying my marriage have some upsides after all: fame :)

On this page you will find information about my Ubuntu repository ; so far dedicated to the new nVidia VDPAU and MythTV packages. The various mods and patches I’ve developed for MythTV and how to add VDPAU support to MythTV 0.21-fixes without breaking things.

This hobby however does cost me a great deal of money. I buy a lot of videocards and motherboards to properly review and test them.

So if you feel the information provided on this site has helped you in any ways, feel free to donate whatever you believe is appropriate (for $1,000,000 and above donations I will personally travel to greet you)

Welcome to my Media Page

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