The Pool of Jean-Yves
Deck is almost complete today
Saturday, 6 January 2007
Steps were made by Stephen to come onto the deck. Looks ace doesn’t it?
All the deck has been nailed in. Concrete has been put over the last stumps.
We can finally use the deck without too much risk of injury. A first in over 2 months !
Huge thanks to Stephen for working on the deck this week,
Another hot day, the deck is installed
Friday, 5 January 2007
Under another extremely hot day (the temperature reached over 37.4 degrees) work has continued. All the structure and joists were completed on the previous day.
The merbau deck wood has been sorted and laid on top.
The heat wave has started :(
Wednesday, 3 January 2007
In over 35 degrees heat, work has started again. All the previous deck has now been removed as well as all the existing structure. The only thing that will be kept are the concrete stumps, those aren’t going anywhere for many years ahead.
The existing joists were all rotten, so unfortunately, last
Back to work after a too long break
Tuesday, 2 January 2007
Now that the new year has started, Stephen, my father in laws is available again to work on the deck.
Was about time !
Today’s agenda, removing the remaining of the old decking at the back of the house.
To remove the deck is rather easy, just saw it. However, you then need to pick up all the
The front is complete
Saturday, 16 December 2006
Most of the front is done.
Now we need to put down the roof coming from the house and redo the deck there.
As we have a Christmas party soon, we won’t have time to finish it before Christmas.
So we’ll start again after New Year.